Kylene’s Visit

My friend Kylene, a Hawaii roomie of mine, came to visit for a few days last week. It was like a vacation for me too because I didn’t do all the normal house things and all the day to day routines. Ahhhhh it was nice! We went to the Museum of Nature and Science downtown and went through a bunch of exhibits there. Very educational and pretty fun besides! They have the “Best View in Denver” and a cool water fountain thing that sprays water out of the ground (like mini geysers) and the kids can run and play in it. It was right up Tasha’s alley. She got soaked and threw a fit when we had to leave, but had a blast!

We mostly did the single girlie things like shop, talk and watch movies. It was fun to have a flashback to singledom, though I was happy to get back to  my married life!

The night before Kylene left we went to a local diner “Gunther Toodys” and had yummy burgers and homemade milkshakes.

Ever since Ky left, Tasha has been saying “Auntie home, bye-bye Muh (kiss noise)”. So cute!

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