Tasha’s Makeover

Ok, so I promise that I will post a photo of this incident later, but for the timebeing here’s the story.

Sunday, we’re all ready for church, I’m just getting the last few things in the diaper bag. Ammon, Kevin and I were downstairs and all of a sudden realized that it was awfully quiet upstairs where Tasha was. This could only mean one thing……TROUBLE! Ammon ran upstairs to see what she was up to and a minute later I heard…”Uh, Lauren? We have a problem!” I went upstairs to find our little Indian warrior all decked out in what could only be described as warpaint….a.k.a. LIPSTICK! I’m talkin’ dark, like I have to blot it three times when I wear it to not look like hooker! It was all over her eyes and one half of her face! We could only laugh because she looked so serious about the whole thing, probably realizing that she did something she wasn’t supposed to!

Thank goodness for baby wipes!!!

I don’t have a picture of a similar time when she decided to put face lotion on (toothpaste). Too bad!



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