Mom’s Going-Away Party

For any of you who didn’t know, my Mom left today for Hamilton, Ontario. She decided to move back to her roots and spend some quality time with her sisters and brother. I’m glad for her because I know it’s what’s right for her and she’ll have so much fun going to her old stomping grounds. She’s going to be able to do a lot of family history there too since that’s where our ancestors were.  
I threw her a going-away party on Saturday with a few friends and the family. It was a complete success, which is happy. Quite a few people couldn’t attend, but there were enough people to make it a little crazy! We had a good time and a few people stayed until hours after the party was over!  
Here are some fun pictures from the party: 
Mom and the Grandbabies 
Mom, some friends and Aunt Eileen 
I had a lady from church teach me how to properly decorate the cake. We still had a few glitches, but it turned out ok. 
Auntie Julina with a happy boy!  
Here’s Natasha helping herself to the cake! She’d already had at least one piece that she snagged from Cousin Jaron when he wasn’t looking! 
Is anyone seeing this? Mom made a yummy cake! Hey, Jaron, you didn’t want this right?! 
Is this a pose or what!? For a girl that won’t pose for the camera to save her life, she did a pretty good job here! 

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