Argh….Bedtime Wars

Tasha has been sleeping in a twin bed for a few months now. At first, she would get outta bed a thousand times just because she could and ask for the usual; water, pee, whatever. After a week of that, she started going to bed without incident. We started to put her to bed a little later and figured that had done it. Until last week, when one night she got up twice then the next she WOULD NOT go to sleep or stay in her bed. We tried everything we could think of and MORE! Talking to her, ignoring her requests, giving in, laying down with her, etc. Nothing doin;! Finally, after an hour of this charade, I went downstairs and ignored her. Well, it took an hour of listening to her scream-cry and then suddenly….we heard her shut her door and then silence. BINGO!

It’s worked ever since. We put her down, she now opens her door, pretend-cries for maybe a minute or two and then shuts the door and puts herself to sleep.

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