Too bad we don’t have a picture of this one! Tasha had been playing with playdough under Mom’s watchful eye one afternoon and had a ball with it! Literally….she kept asking me to make a ball with it! Anyways, later in the evening, she kept asking for a ball, but when I gave her the beachball she didn’t want it. I finally figured out what she wanted. She meant the playdough. Kevin was in his highchair eating and Tasha was playing happily with the dough. I turn my head for two minutes and find the playdough in Tasha’s mouth. OK, not a huge deal, a little scolding and she understood. But…uh-oh some of it was missing. Like, half of it…We searched all over thinking it was mashed into the carpet somewhere. To our horror, (and here comes the uh-oh part), it was in KEVIN’s mouth. Our sweet little girl, who is learning to share, decided that Kevin would like to try some of her playdough as well!! ew!

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