Ammon’s life of late

As most of you know, Ammon has been busy working two jobs lately. He’s continuing to work at FirstBank as a Software Engineer, and just last month, started his second job as a college professor! He’s teaching an Intro to Multimedia Design class at a local community college. So far, he’s loving it, though it definately takes a lot of work since he has had to totally develop his own lesson plans, labs, projects, etc. I think he finds it rewarding and likes the challenge of doing something different.

The department chair at the college has already proposed the idea of him teaching in the Fall ( a different class, on video editing). He’s also implied that he would like Ammon to continue teaching one class a semester from now on. An exciting prospect, but it does make him extra busy. The one plus would be that after he’d taught the class once, he’d have all the material and wouldn’t have to start from scratch. We’ll see!

In case, those two jobs aren’t enough, he’s been doing some Graphic Design work for a couple in our ward at church who have home theater business. He’s been designing new brochures and business cards for them.

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