Tasha has been able to do up snaps and zippers for quite some time now and insists on doing them up on her own clothes, but as of Sat. she can now undo and do up buttons!

As for Kevin, not buttoning yet, but he has sang part of his first song. “Twinkle, Twinkle, little star”.

Feelin’ warm, warm, warm

The weather has been fabulous for March in Colorado for the past few weeks! We’ve had weather in the high 50’s up to the high 60’s and the kids and I have been eating it up! Taking walks and playing outside every chance we get! It’s supposed to be 71 today!!! I hope it continues, but it I know Colorado….

Anyways, since it’s supposed to be so warm, Tasha got out her summer clothes. I thought she looked so cute a picture was necessary! Here she is.

smile pretty1.jpg

Pretty, sorta cheesy smile, but so cute!

dancing girl.jpg

My dancing girl getting into the photoshoot!

Weekend Photos

We took some funs shots of the kids over the weekend. Enjoy!


Rockin’ out together

mommy n kevin sunday.jpg

Snuggles and giggles

happy snazzy boy.jpg

This one is from last weekend, but I forgot to post it

goofy boy.jpg

Big smiles

crazy hair.jpg

Flying with Daddy

coy girl.jpg

Playing coy

Projects, projects and more projects!

We’ve been busy working on painting our cabinets and Ammon took a wall down and is adding a banister and railings. I thought you might want to see our works in progress. They’re getting there!

wall bye-bye.jpg

Bye-bye wall! This is the wall in the kit. that goes upstairs to the bedrooms

new railing.jpg

Almost there!




A work in progress

Tasha Antics

Tasha really gets into feeding Snowy, her baby doll and well, just about any toy these days. One day I was upstairs putting away clean clothes and heard a funny noise. I peered downstairs to find my little angel, helping herself to whatever pieces of silverware her toy of the week wanted to eat with. She’d pulled a dining chair over to the drawer to see better what she was choosin and I caught her in the act!

helping myself.jpg

Funny things kids say!

A random note: today Tasha told me she was going to take the bus home! This is particularily out of the blue since, we’ve never taken a bus with her and I didn’t even know she knew what a bus was, other than a schoolbus!  It was also a little strange because well……we were at home at the time! =)

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a week I think since I’ve been able to post anything. We’ve been so busy! In addition to the recent renovations we’ve been doing on the house, we got a big, rush job for Eternapix and we were all consumed by that this week. It’s all over now! Whew! Thank goodness! It was worth it financially, but man was it alot of work in a short period of time.

Anyways, we took some photos of the kids last Sunday all dressed up and ready for church. They were just cute enough to eat!
handsome boy.jpg

We had guests over in the am and as soon as they walked in, he promptly stayed frozen in place for about 10 minutes!
red carpet ready.jpg

Finally! A smile!

smile pretty.jpg

Pretty Tasha-girl all spiffed up!

mommy n tasha.jpg

The girls

mommy n kevin.jpg

Me and my boy!

mommy kevin.jpg

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better, so I figured, hey no one is going to complain about too MANY pics