On hiatus…..sorry

We wanted to say sorry to anyone who might have checked our blog in the past few weeks and found nothing but old news. The month of March was kind of a rocky one. Between colds, working on house projects, Tasha getting glasses and her also ending up in the hospital….we had our hands more than full!!! Anyways, we’re back and all is well at the Manning house. =)

Here’s what you missed: Kevin can now say many more words than even a week ago. He’s saying “Yes”, “Eat”, “Love you”, “Thank You” and I’m sure there are more that I missed. A lot of words he’s saying on the first try! It’s cute to hear his little voice actually say something decipherable….(is that a word? If not, it is now!)

Tasha has been using her imagination more and more. She still dresses, feeds, bathes and generally babies her favorite friend, Snowy. In addition to that, she pretends that pillows are tv’s playing various movies of which she creates the plot and tells me all about it. She also will frequently pretend to feed me imaginary culinary delectables that she has made. And, the latest is wrapping up miscellaneous items in a piece of paper and giving it to me and singing happy birthday to me. This of course is a b-day present for me. It’s so fun to see her use her imagination!

Singing silly songs is a frequent occurence in our house. Kevin loves it when I sing to him and will always ask for more. Tasha is really starting to love singing herself and can sing the ABC song all by herself. She’s still working on “Twinkle, Twinkle….”. Today I was exercising and had a music mix playing. Cherish by Madonna came on and you should’ve heard Tasha belting out her off-tune, nonsensical melody. It was adorable!

As for the house, the cabinets are finally almost finished! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just have to paint one small one and put the doors back on half of them and then we’re all done! The banister and railings are done so we’ll have a photo of that soon so you can see the end result. We love it. After the kitchen is done (have to paint the ceiling too) we’ll move on to the fam room. We’re just going to paint, nothing else for the moment. We;re going to take a break from projects for a while.

Well, that’s enough of a novel for now!

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