Easter Adventures

We had a great Easter weekend in Colorado Springs with the Narayan’s and the Mannings. We’d only planned to stay one day, but ended up making it a weekend trip on account of some nasty weather. We all had a great time, eating brunch and doing an egg hunt on Saturday and then going to church and visiting on Sunday. There are lots more photos, but I figured these ones were enough for now! Take note of Tasha’s new pretty glasses. I think she looks older with them. She’s such a good girl about keeping them on.


Tasha holding her new baby cousin, Malika
tasha and malika.jpg

You can tell she doesn’t adore babies at all!!

tasha new glasses.jpg

Tasha stylin her new glasses

ammon n kevin.jpg

Daddy and Kevin snuggling


Cruisin around the basement

julina an ethan.jpg

Auntie Julina and Cousin Ethan

kids table.jpg

The kids got their own table!


Christina (the proud Mommy), baby Malika and me

me and malika.jpg

Me and my sweet little niece

playing kitchen.jpg

Cookin up a storm

eatin candy.jpg

Egg hunt-over! Time to dig in

happy tasha.jpg

I found lots of eggs. Look at my loot!

easter candy kev.jpg

Oh-oh, you caught me! I’m eating all my chocolate


Easter Sunday snuggles


Pose for a picture, ya right!

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