5 Years……and counting

Hard to believe that Ammon and I have been married for 5 years already! Our first three anniversaries were spent in a different state, or island. For the first one, we hiked the Napali Coast in Kauai; the second we went to AZ, the third was St. Augustine, Fl. Last year was low-key, so I guess Ammon decided to mix things up again! Friday was our anniversary and I had no idea what Ammon had planned. I knew it was something special, but the only clues he would give me were: to “trust” him and not get mad, to clean the car as if a celebrity were riding in it and to wear something formal….

I dropped off the kids to the Mannings around 5 and picked up Ammon from work. He gave me the impression that we weren’t eating out anywhere special as part of our evening. I thought we were going to Good times or something. He informed me we were going somewhere I hadn’t heard of before. Well, he headed downtown and started “looking for parkin”. Then we pulled up to the Valet at The Brown Palace Hotel. I could not believe him! What a little sneaker! Now I understood why I’d had to clean the car. So, he took me to eat at the Palace Arms inside the hotel. It’s one of the few 4 star restaurants in Denver and still has a dress code. We sat down to a quaint little table by a huge gilded mirror (see picture below) and I looked to see a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table. Ammon had ordered the bouquet to be on the table he’d selected ahead of time. What a cutie!

We enjoyed an incredible meal of Cesear Salad for two, A Chilean Turbot with potato ganache, artichoke salad and truffle vinagrette froth. I finished with Chocolate Soup (to die for) and Ammon had the coconut Tapioca with Mango Sorbet. Everything melted in your mouth and the combination of flavors was spectacular.

Ammon informed me that he had one more small surprise for me; he’d rented a couple chick flicks and we’d watch them when we got home.

We walked around the lobby and went upstairs to look at the stained glass atrium. It was so pretty. The hotel was built in 1898 and has been stayed at by many Presidents and celebrities. It still has alot of the original features.

Anyways, we were walking down to the car, I thought, when suddenly Ammon stopped and opened a door to a room. I walked in to find the room sprinkled with red rose petals. He was even sneakier than I thought!!!! It was the perfect evening and morning though. Total relaxation and no little ones to worry about. The room even had those white terrycloth robes that I always thought it would be fun to wear!

We didn’t have a camera with us, just our laptop, which takes just ok photos. So, we got some off the web.

What a sweet husband I have!!!! =) It was the perfect anniversary.

Picture 4.png

The outside of the hotel

Picture 3.png

The hotel lobby

Picture 1.png

Our actual table is the one by the mirror, straight ahead


This is similar to the room we had

Photo 1101.jpg

See all the rose petals!! =)

Photo 101.jpg

The happy couple, in our hotel robes! hee hee

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