Information for you!

For those of you who frequent our blog site, I wanted to draw your attention to the righthand side. There are other pages you can view; one dedicated to the things Kevin is saying, and one for Tasha too. Just fyi!

Community Appreciation Day

On Saturday, Remax was holding a community appreciation day at a local park. Though the weather was yucky, we decided to brave it. It was a hit! With us anyways. There weren’t alot of people there, which was perfect. We watched a clown make balloon animals, got a spider painted on the kids hands (Tasha’s was pink and sparkly, of course), jumped on one of those blow-up things, had free muffins and took our first hot air balloon ride. Kevin wasn’t so sure about the hot air balloon thing. He whimpered all the way up and down. Tasha, on the other hand, seemed to think it was kind of neat and by the time we got down, had a little smile on her face. The balloon was tethered so it wasn’t going very high or far, but it was a neat experience nonetheless.

After all that excitement, we visited with some dogs that were wandering around and then played at the playground. Kevin was able to climb up the stairs and go down the slide all by himself! What a big boy!

There were professional photographers running around snapping photos and while waiting for the balloon ride, I heard them say, “let’s get a photo of that cute girl with the glasses”. So, a photo will be posted when I receive it.

Adventures in Vacuuming!

Everytime I vacuum, Kevin is right there in front of it. There’s a light on the front of the vacuum, and being a boy, anything that lights up and makes noise equals big fun! The only problem is that he walks in front of the vacuum the whole time and doesn’t let me move anywhere!

Today, Kevin thought it would be funny to take his truck and ram it into the vacuum as I was cleaning the family room. A whole new challenge! What a boy!!!!