Watered down

Tasha took a long, late nap yesterday and Kevin wouldn’t take a nap at all, until we were in the car on the way to a hike….which meant they weren’t tired till later, they got up later this am…..translation=grumpy kids today! In order to get through the day, I enlisted help from a friend who also has a little guy Tasha’s age. We went to her house and the kids splashed around in a blow up pool and had a great time. Last year, Kevin was a little too young to enjoy it, so it was fun to see him really get into it. You’ll see from the pictures below that they didn’t really like it at all…..RIGHT!


Uh-oh, Kevin’s gonna get dumped on!


Doesn’t look like he minds too much!




Kevin led Tasha in some water aerobics! No Tasha, don’t lay down…run!!


ahhhhhh…this is the life!


Nothing like sittin in the pool

Shopping with Tasha

Well, I guess the kids would be a lot happier if Tasha was in charge of the grocery list. While playing today, she got her purse and told me she and Snowy were going shopping for food. She informed me that they were buying chocolate pudding and NO FRUIT MAMA!