Camp Crazy

Well, we made it through our first camping trip with the kids. It was a lot of fun in many ways. There were a lot of firsts for the kids; first time sleeping in a tent, first smores, first cooking hot dogs over a fire, and so on. We went with friends of ours who have a little boy, Mikie, Tasha’s age and then a little girl, Kaitlyn, who is 9 months. We did a little exploring in the woods where we saw some awesome rock formations and had a great view of the lush trees and many more rock formations poking out of the treetops.

Everything was great…..except bedtime….let’s just say that our kids have never slept in the same room before and well, Kevin was so incredibly thrilled to have his big sis sleeping beside him that….he didn’t sleep! At least not until around midnight and then a fitful sleep for some hours until 6:30 or something. We’re still recovering! We’re planning on going camping one more time this summer at least, so we’ll have to get them used to sleeping together in order to actually feel human the next day.

Here are the photos from our weekend adventure:

mikie helping.jpg

Mikie and Ryan setting up camp

our digs.jpg

All done!

tasha in tent.jpg

Tasha making sure everything looks ok from the inside

mikie checking out tent.jpg

Mikie taking his turn; quality inspection

scenic camping.jpg

Time for a little exploring

tasha rock climing.jpg

Tasha rock climbing; she’s a natural!

mikie n tasha hugs.jpg

Tasha and Mikie having hugs

mom n kev rocks.jpg

Kevin and Mommy enjoying the view

sittin on rocks.jpg

Our little hikers in training

rock fun.jpg

Having too much fun!

mikie whittlin.jpg

Gina and Mikie whittling sticks for marshmellow toasting

kids running.jpg

Running in circles is so much fun!

kids snackin.jpg

All the running worked up an appetite and Kevin needed something to wash down all the dirt he was eating!

tasha chillin.jpg

Tasha liked the “help yourself” policy at the “restaurant”

whole gang camping.jpg

Making grub-the whole gang

tasha strollin.jpg

Tasha had a lot of fun pushing Snowy around in Kaitlyn’s stroller

kevin pushing mikie.jpg

Mikie thought Snowy’s part looked like fun!

go long kevin.jpg

Go long, Dad!!

Kevin pointing.jpg

Man, did you see that throw! I’m a pro!


Kaitlyn having a blast watching all the activity


The kids didn’t like smores at all! Right! I couldn’t make them fast enough!

cool campfire.jpg

Here was our oven

no sleep .jpg

Mommy with about 4 hours of sleep

more snuggles.jpg

He should look more sleepy….

Im awake.jpg

Well, I’m awake…can’t say much for sleepyhead beside me though.

choc for breakie.jpg

Tasha’s favorite, chocolate for breakfast. Hey, mine too!! =)

gina maki a mess.jpg

Uh-oh….is it pancake mix, or did Kaitlyn’s food not sit so well….

the cook.jpg

The chef at Camp Crazy

silly daddy.jpg

See what I mean….

slep at least.jpg

Finally….he’s sleeping!

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