Adventures in child-rearing

Last night, I had both kids in the bathroom while I was preparing to cut Kevin’s hair. I had just sat him on the counter when I saw Tasha fall out of the corner of my eye. She screamed like I’d never heard her scream before and saw that she’d fallen between the tub and toilet and had sort of bent in half, obviously bumped her head. My guess was that she’d been standing on the toilet to get something out of the basket of bath things that sit on the toilet tank and lost her balance. I picked her up to console her and to my horror, found blood all over my hand when I pulled it away! =( We took her to the ER that is just down the street and they gave her two staples to close the wound. She was such a trooper, hardly crying at all, despite the fact that she had nothing to numb the stapling. They had us in and out in about 40 minutes and even gave the kids a toy each to take home. Sigh…… two trips to the ER this year for Tasha…I decided I don’t wanna go again unless we’re visiting a friend who’s had a baby or something!

Other than getting up once in the night to tell us that her head hurt, she’s handled it great. No pain all day today!

Planes, trains and Automobiles…

Our little Kevin is obsessed with airplanes and cars. He LOVES the movie “Cars”and requests it often. He doesn’t get his way nearly as much as he’d like! 😉 One of his favorite places are car dealerships; he loves getting in and out of the new cars and “test-driving” them (in the showroom, of course!).

Ever since I pointed out an airplane to Tasha and him while waiting for Grammy to arrive at the aiport in June, he has been so fixated on them. That’s what he does when we go outside to play. Tasha will be running around, going down the slide, whatever….Kevin, is standing in one spot with his head cocked back, desparately searching for that winged-craft he loves so much! When the plane gets out of sight, he asks me for more, as if I could magically summon more planes our way!

Why oh, why did I want the kids to talk so badly?????

Yes, we are officially in the “WHY” stage of life with Natasha. She had one of her little “boy” friends over a few weeks ago, who has the vocabulary and verbal skills of a 5 year-old. “Why” has been a favorite of his for quite a while. You guessed it! Right after he left, Tasha asked her first “Why, Momma?” and it hasn’t stopped, even if she knows the answer!

Anazing Munch!!!

No, these aren’t type-o’s!! These are the kids newest words. Tasha is speaking in proper sentences most of the time, but still learns new words from time to time. Her newest is Anazing, otherwise known as “amazing”. She learned this word the other day, when I saw her putting our basinnet together (we’re lending it to a friend). I hadn’t shown her how and she figured it out all by herself. I exclaimed, “You put that together all by yourself? That’s amazing!” And ever since…..

Kevin kept asking for “munch” one day and I could not, for the life of me figure out what he was trying to say. Finally, I figured out that he was hungry and wanted “lunch”! You need to hear his little boy voice say it to really see just how cute it is though!


So, I was going through photos and decided that though I didn’t start this blog until 2006, that I should post older photos that some of you might not have seen, or that you’d like to see again…..There’s alot of them….get ready

us n pj.jpg

Ammon, Me and Pj; before kids!!

daddy n newborn tasha.jpg

Ammon and Tasha bonding, just hours after she was born

nap with Dad.jpg

5 day old Tasha taking a nap with Daddy

mom n baby tahsa.jpg

First outside photoshoot

thinking hard.jpg

Deep in thought….hmmm……

blessing day Tasha.jpg

Blessing Day

gang at airport.jpg

The whole gang waiting for Sister Manning to return from Lithuania


Sleeping bear


I call this “rufflebum!”

cute tasha.jpg

Just a cute picture!

gerber baby.jpg

Gerber Baby

tasha bear.jpg

Chillin after a bath

tasha first christmas.jpg

Tasha’s first Christmas

auntie ju n tasha.jpg

Auntie Julina and my green girl


Picture Perfect!


Our little snow angel

tasha hat.jpg

In her Easter bonnet with all it’s frills upon it….

easter girl 1.jpg

Another Easter girl

mommy n tasha.jpg

Mommy and the easter baby


Checkin out Dad’s music on the plane ride to Florida, 2005

cheesy grins.jpg

On a horse-drawn carriage ride in St. Augustine, Fl. in 2005

first swim.jpg

First swim, in St. Augustine, Fl, April 2005

first carosel ride.jpg

Lots of firsts in Florida, here was her first Carousel ride

blue eye girl.jpg

Sweet girl

Copy (2) of julinajaronhug.jpg

Auntie Ju and her pal, Jaron

im one.jpg

First birthday-partytime!

gramma n tash.jpg

Grandma Manning and the birthday girl

cute cousins.jpg

Cute cousins

tasha tongue.jpg

Natasha showing her sassy side

daddy n tasha.jpg

Picnic lunch with Dad

goofy girl.jpg

Kiss me!

say cheese.jpg

Getting into mischief


The gang in Utah for a family reunion

beautiful girl.jpg

This has to be my favorite picture so far of Natasha. I love how her blue eyes pop!

water is cold.jpg

She looks scared, but really she’s loving it!

first halloween.jpg

Our little piglet, her first Halloween


Here’s Darth Ammon…whoops! I mean Darth Vader at Jaron’s 4th birthday party

tasha meeting Kevin.jpg

This is Daddy and Tasha. Tasha’s first meeting with Kevin in the hospital. When Tasha saw this photo today, she asked….why is Kevin in a cage, Mommy?

Kevin jaron chrisinta.jpg

Auntie Christina and cousin Jaron holding day old Kevin

julina holding Kevin.jpg

Auntie Julina holding day old Kevin

nana n tash.jpg

This was two weeks after Kevin was born. Nana and Papa Bruyea came to visit him. Tasha had fun throwing herself around while Nana was holding her.

nan n kev.jpg

Great-Nana and week old Kevin, getting to know each other

az papa n tash.jpg

Papa Bruyea visiting with Tashy

papan k ev.jpg

Kevy and Papa Bruyea

tasha n snowy.jpg

Tasha and her Snowy’s

tash n teddy.jpg

Giving Teddy some loves

baby kevin.jpg

Kevin’s first Christmas

great papa n tash.jpg

Great-Papa and Tasha making friends; from their visit March 2006

mom n papa.jpg

Me and my Pops

nan np papa.jpg

Cute couple!

papa n kevin.jpg

Wheeeee…this is fun!

tasha tongue 2.jpg

More sass

mom ammon  lauren1.jpg

Easter 2006 at the Mannings

silly girls.jpg

Strike a pose!!!

mom kevin.jpg

Grammy and her boy


Help me!!! I’m being squished.

girl in a tree.jpg

I call this…..Girl in a Tree

handsome boy.jpg

Happy boy

funny boy.jpg

Big Smiles

heres snowy.jpg

This picture has a fun story….Ammon and I were downstairs and Tasha came down and was coyly asking, “where’s snowy?”, kind of shruggin her shoulders. She obviously wanted us to follow her and we did. This picture is when we had opened the door to her room and found him on her bed. She’s showing us where he was “hiding”.


Big hunk! No other way to describe him here.

mom n kids.jpg

Cute kids and Momma

hi everyone.jpg

Hey Everyone! How are ya?

gramma n tasha 2bday.jpg

Tasha’s 2nd Birthday; Grandma Manning and her girl

grammy n tash.jpg

Grammy n Tash


He’s a horsedog

pj n tash.jpg

Natasha’s favorite furry friend

tasha bday.jpg

Grandparents and the birthday girl

tasha cupcake.jpg

I’m gonna make a mess, she’s thinking! ha ha ha (evil laugh)

the girls.jpg

The girls


Waterbaby for life!

tasha pool.jpg


first popsicle.jpg

Kevin’s first popsicle….it gave him a brain freeze, but he kept asking for more!!!

Sigh….whew, ok, I’m done….I can’t tell you how long that took! But it was fun to look through the photos. hope you enjoyed them!