Planes, trains and Automobiles…

Our little Kevin is obsessed with airplanes and cars. He LOVES the movie “Cars”and requests it often. He doesn’t get his way nearly as much as he’d like! 😉 One of his favorite places are car dealerships; he loves getting in and out of the new cars and “test-driving” them (in the showroom, of course!).

Ever since I pointed out an airplane to Tasha and him while waiting for Grammy to arrive at the aiport in June, he has been so fixated on them. That’s what he does when we go outside to play. Tasha will be running around, going down the slide, whatever….Kevin, is standing in one spot with his head cocked back, desparately searching for that winged-craft he loves so much! When the plane gets out of sight, he asks me for more, as if I could magically summon more planes our way!

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