Take a page out of Tasha’s book!

I’ve previously written about how “motherly” our little 3 year-old is, well I guess compassion is a quality required of mothers or motherly behavior, so the shoe fits….I was feeling under the weather last week with a cold and needed to lay down and rest for a while. While I was putting a movie on for Tasha, she asked me where I would be napping. After I went upstairs to rest, I found that a sweet little someone had placed a pillow in just the right spot on the couch for me to rest my head on. =)

The best example of all came on Monday when Ammon was upset that a heavy-duty shop-type lamp of his had broken. Tasha said, “Daddy’s light is broken?” He replied in the affirmative and she promptly responded…”Tasha will keep her panties dry all week so Mommy will take her to the store (to get a reward) and then I’ll have Mommy buy you a new light, ok?” I heard this second-hand from Ammon, but even then, I got a little teary hearing of the great compassion that Tasha had for her Daddy especially at such a young age.

These are frequent occurences with Tasha who just cares so much about others! =)

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