New Beginnings

Well…it’s official! We’re moving!!! About four weeks ago after we returned from Ouray, Ammon and I expressed to each other our love of the mountains and how great it would be to live up there. On a whim, he checked to see if there were any jobs anywhere in Colorado in the mountains. And there was only one. It was C# developer (what Ammon is) job in a small town called Eagle, Co. It’s about 40 miles west of Vail. He applied, not expecting anything to come of it. Almost two weeks later, we received a phone call from the owner who wanted to speak with him. The owner liked what he heard and we went up to Eagle the following Saturday to meet with him and check out the town.

It was an interesting day; the kids cried and whined for about half the total trip there and back, the owner didn’t show up even after an hour of us waiting for him and attempting to contact him…just not so much fun. Before we left town, we decided to get some lunch and the owner called us then and asked if we could still meet, apologizing profusely. So, we met with him and then finally a week later, he let us know that Ammon had the job!! =) It took a while to get everything finalized; the details, a place to live, etc.

It’s an incredible opportunity for Ammon career-wise. Much better pay, lots of creative freedom in his coding, a casual work environment, the ability to work from home basically whenever he wants/needs to, and more. It’s a developers dream! Although things took a while to be official, it was amazing to me how things all worked out. This really proved meant to be. If we hadn’t gone to Ouray, we never would have looked for a job for Ammon in the mountains. The employer also found us a great condo, half the price of anyone else in town and it’s right across the street from the office.

It’s sad to leave friends and family behind, especially since it’s harder to keep in touch with friends than family it seems. We have made some great friends here and will miss their love, support and companionship. Yet, it’s exciting to us to meet new people, take advantage of all the outdoorsy things right in our backyard and to take a chance that might not be as appealing later in life.

We move Saturday, November 10th. That’s about 4 weeks to get the basement finished and everything ready to sell (or possibly rent) our house and get all packed up. If you don’t hear from me much during the next month, I apologize in advance. I might be a bit busy….;)