Winter Drive to Fulford

Bright and early this morning we headed out to do more sight-seeing. We decided to head up to the Fulford caves south of Eagle. As you can imagine it was quite the winter drive! When we left the house it was only 5 degrees outside. (Needless to say Jack wasn’t too thrilled about being woken up!)

After a couple miles on the dirt road it quickly changed from dirt to packed snow. As we continue the climb up the mountain we soon passed the last tire tracks and started breaking trail down a 4×4 trail. It was beautiful! When we reached the first clearing we unloaded the little ones and bundled them up to play in the snow.

Ammon then had a great idea to create a make-shift shed with a tarp. The kids loved going up and down part of the road!

Here are a few pics we took along the way –


Snowy road

Jack doing what he does best


Tasha & Mommy


Kevin and Mommy


More Sledding!


Snowy Peak Vista

It was a very fun trip! The kids had a blast playing in the snow. Had it gotten warmer than 8 degrees we might have stayed a bit longer. And just think, it is only November! But we can’t complain too much. By the time we returned home for lunch it was already 22 degrees. Nice. 😉

Thanksgiving Fun!

We had a fairly quiet Thanksgiving at our new place. Just us and the kids. With all the craziness that’s been going on the past few months, I was glad to have it that way. Natasha was thrilled to help me makes the pies this year. She even made her own little cake with the leftover pastry. =)

We played with the kids in the morning and then sat down to a yummy (if I say so myself) thanksgiving lunch. After Kevin’s nap, we got everyone all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. The kids had been asking since it snowed a few days ago, but we’d been so busy and it had been so cold (in the single didgets) that hadn’t gone yet. Kevin wasn’t too sure about this whole snowpants, boots, hat and gloves thing. He’s like his Daddy and hates clothes! If they had it their way, they’d both run around in their birthday suits. =)

We played outside for quite a while and even trudged through the field to the park. Note: don’t try going down a fast slide with snowpants on. They make it even faster! Ammon tried to help catch me and I still barely landed on my feet. =)

As I’ve reflected on what I’m thankful for, I realize that most of them are common things: good food to eat, every material thing we need, healthy, happy children and an incredible, loving husband. I’m also so grateful for true friends and supportive family who are always there when you need them. Big changes in life are always stressful and having these people like you, in our lives really make it more durable. So thank you!

Most of all, I’m grateful for a Father in Heaven who knows me and knows what’s best for me, even when I don’t. Thank goodness for him giving me a way to communicate with him and for the Holy Ghost, so that I know when I’m doing what is right. I’m eternally grateful to him for all that I have, most importantly for this life that I am living. It is my faith in him and knowing that he has faith in me, that helps me through life roughest roads and helps me to appreciate all of his bounteous blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours was wonderful!

Tasha baking.jpg
Tasha was very excited to help Mom make the pies. Her eyes lit up when I asked her if she wanted to help.

Kevin in snow.jpg

Kevin getting used to the idea of snow clothes

throwing snow on Dad1.jpg

Dad getting attacked!

Snow is falling all around….

It finally snowed! The kids were delighted to see the white stuff on the ground and couldn’t wait to play in it. We were so busy with everything that we hadn’t had time to play in it yet. We got home from a shopping trip the day after it had snowed and well….we weren’t as quick as we needed to be getting the kids inside…….

Tasha couldnt wait.jpg

Look Ma, no coat….or boots, or hat….

Kevin couldnt wait.jpg

Kevin actually started it. I guess Elephant wanted to join in on the fun! =)

Life in Eagle

Well we are finally here! After many long days packing and unpacking we have mostly settled into our new home! It is absolutely beautiful here and we couldn’t be happier!

We’ve spent most of the past week unpacking and organizing our home. While it isn’t 100% complete, we decided to take some time off this morning and head further up into the mountains. We went up to Sylvan lake where it was snowing!

Ammon is really enjoying his new job. His first project was to rewrite a sales application that was thrown together previously using VB.NET (whatever that is!). The new one he is writing is an ASP.NET application in C# (no clue what that one means either!). It is so nice having him come home and eat every meal with the entire family! After all, it only takes him about 45-50 seconds to walk home. 🙂

He will go skiing every Friday with the people from work, but Vail didn’t open yesterday because there wasn’t enough snow. I guess he’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to go. (Next Friday is the day after Thanksgiving so he doesn’t work) Speaking of Thanksgiving, Paul (Ammon’s boss) gave us a HUGE turkey! How nice of him!

So, enough chit chat, lets get to some pics. Enjoy!

Downtown Eagle:

Down Town Eagle

Our new Condo:

New Home

Ammon’s Office: (only 85 yards away!)

Work And Home

View From Dining Room:

Front View

Sylvan Lake:

Sylvan Lake

Kids Eating in the snow:

Kids In Snow

Lauren with the kids:

Family in the snow

Last but not least, Jack’s first snow!

Jack's First Snow

And that is it for now. We will be posting pictures from the move soon, but the Grandparents have them all back in Denver. (So it might be a while)


The first year that both kids were old enough to trick or treat! We went out as a family to meet up with some of Tasha’s little friends. We went up and down one street. Tasha and Kevin were the least aggressive about getting to the door first, so they were usually the last ones to the door, but Tasha got really good at saying “TRICK OR TREAT!!”. They both thought it was pretty fun to run from door to door and Kevin was SO excited when there would be a doggy at the door.

We made sure we took a photo in front of the crazy flowered couch because we have a photo of Ammon as a little guy, dressed up for Halloween in front of the very same couch!

Tasha n Daddy pumpkins1.jpg

Tasha and Daddy doing pumpkins

Kevins first pumpkin.jpg

Kevin was so thrilled for “pumkins”


Tasha de-gooping!

Halloween 07.jpg

All ready to go!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Kevin!

For Kevin’s birthday, Tasha, Kevin, myself, Ellen, Christina, Jaron, Ethan and Malika all went to the Zoo! We had a great time looking at all the animals. We ended by going on the carousel. Tasha and Kevin rode a rhinoceros together. Kevin gripped onto Tasha and they giggled and grinned the whole way around!

We came home to pizza and cake and presents. Kevin immediately knew what to do when the cake was put in to front of him and the candles lit. He blew out one candle at a time and got them both on the first try. Kevin loved all of his presents mostly car things and Elmo.

Sly Kevin Zoo.jpg

Sly Kevin

Kevins birthday outfit.jpg

Kevin showing up his new birthday outfit

Tasha Zoo.jpg

Tasha admiring the elephants

Kevins cake.jpg

The cake

Kevin n Lightening cake.jpg

He was pretty excited to see “lightening mcqueen” (the blue car) on the cake

Kevin birthday cake time.jpg

Posing with his cake
Mommy n Kevin birthday.jpg

Kevin and Mommy-birthday snuggles


Blowing out his candles

Kevin car sweatshirt.jpg

Cool shirt!

Nana n Papas gift.jpg

Presents from Great-Nana and Papa