The first year that both kids were old enough to trick or treat! We went out as a family to meet up with some of Tasha’s little friends. We went up and down one street. Tasha and Kevin were the least aggressive about getting to the door first, so they were usually the last ones to the door, but Tasha got really good at saying “TRICK OR TREAT!!”. They both thought it was pretty fun to run from door to door and Kevin was SO excited when there would be a doggy at the door.

We made sure we took a photo in front of the crazy flowered couch because we have a photo of Ammon as a little guy, dressed up for Halloween in front of the very same couch!

Tasha n Daddy pumpkins1.jpg

Tasha and Daddy doing pumpkins

Kevins first pumpkin.jpg

Kevin was so thrilled for “pumkins”


Tasha de-gooping!

Halloween 07.jpg

All ready to go!

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