Happy 2nd Birthday, Kevin!

For Kevin’s birthday, Tasha, Kevin, myself, Ellen, Christina, Jaron, Ethan and Malika all went to the Zoo! We had a great time looking at all the animals. We ended by going on the carousel. Tasha and Kevin rode a rhinoceros together. Kevin gripped onto Tasha and they giggled and grinned the whole way around!

We came home to pizza and cake and presents. Kevin immediately knew what to do when the cake was put in to front of him and the candles lit. He blew out one candle at a time and got them both on the first try. Kevin loved all of his presents mostly car things and Elmo.

Sly Kevin Zoo.jpg

Sly Kevin

Kevins birthday outfit.jpg

Kevin showing up his new birthday outfit

Tasha Zoo.jpg

Tasha admiring the elephants

Kevins cake.jpg

The cake

Kevin n Lightening cake.jpg

He was pretty excited to see “lightening mcqueen” (the blue car) on the cake

Kevin birthday cake time.jpg

Posing with his cake
Mommy n Kevin birthday.jpg

Kevin and Mommy-birthday snuggles


Blowing out his candles

Kevin car sweatshirt.jpg

Cool shirt!

Nana n Papas gift.jpg

Presents from Great-Nana and Papa

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