Life in Eagle

Well we are finally here! After many long days packing and unpacking we have mostly settled into our new home! It is absolutely beautiful here and we couldn’t be happier!

We’ve spent most of the past week unpacking and organizing our home. While it isn’t 100% complete, we decided to take some time off this morning and head further up into the mountains. We went up to Sylvan lake where it was snowing!

Ammon is really enjoying his new job. His first project was to rewrite a sales application that was thrown together previously using VB.NET (whatever that is!). The new one he is writing is an ASP.NET application in C# (no clue what that one means either!). It is so nice having him come home and eat every meal with the entire family! After all, it only takes him about 45-50 seconds to walk home. 🙂

He will go skiing every Friday with the people from work, but Vail didn’t open yesterday because there wasn’t enough snow. I guess he’ll have to wait a couple more weeks to go. (Next Friday is the day after Thanksgiving so he doesn’t work) Speaking of Thanksgiving, Paul (Ammon’s boss) gave us a HUGE turkey! How nice of him!

So, enough chit chat, lets get to some pics. Enjoy!

Downtown Eagle:

Down Town Eagle

Our new Condo:

New Home

Ammon’s Office: (only 85 yards away!)

Work And Home

View From Dining Room:

Front View

Sylvan Lake:

Sylvan Lake

Kids Eating in the snow:

Kids In Snow

Lauren with the kids:

Family in the snow

Last but not least, Jack’s first snow!

Jack's First Snow

And that is it for now. We will be posting pictures from the move soon, but the Grandparents have them all back in Denver. (So it might be a while)


  1. Mommy

    Awesome!! I love Eagle and I haven’t been there yet!!!

    Your condo reminds me of The Breakers, a little bit.

  2. Alisa and Justin

    It looks like you guys are having so much fun!!! We miss you tons and can’t wait to visit! Give those two cute kids a kiss for us!

  3. How fun! I’m so glad you put pictures up, because I have been checking your blog every couple of days to see if there was anything new. I miss you so much! Your place looks so cute and the town looks really quaint, and I think it’s so awesome. Now that you’re more settled in, I’ll have to give you a call…probably after Thanksgiving. I love you guys!

  4. Lila

    I was hoping you would put on some new info soon. We drove past the Eagle exit just the other day and I thought of you. Hope the winter treats you well. Sure miss youse guys…

  5. Lauren,
    That is awesome that he only works a block away. Love it. Eagle looks so adorable, kind of like Sisters, Oregon…near Bend, where I used to live. You look amazing too. How did you get so stinking thin? Tell me your secret? You are such a cute family. Wish I could come and visit with you. Take care and have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Much love and alohas,

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