Thanksgiving Fun!

We had a fairly quiet Thanksgiving at our new place. Just us and the kids. With all the craziness that’s been going on the past few months, I was glad to have it that way. Natasha was thrilled to help me makes the pies this year. She even made her own little cake with the leftover pastry. =)

We played with the kids in the morning and then sat down to a yummy (if I say so myself) thanksgiving lunch. After Kevin’s nap, we got everyone all bundled up and went out to play in the snow. The kids had been asking since it snowed a few days ago, but we’d been so busy and it had been so cold (in the single didgets) that hadn’t gone yet. Kevin wasn’t too sure about this whole snowpants, boots, hat and gloves thing. He’s like his Daddy and hates clothes! If they had it their way, they’d both run around in their birthday suits. =)

We played outside for quite a while and even trudged through the field to the park. Note: don’t try going down a fast slide with snowpants on. They make it even faster! Ammon tried to help catch me and I still barely landed on my feet. =)

As I’ve reflected on what I’m thankful for, I realize that most of them are common things: good food to eat, every material thing we need, healthy, happy children and an incredible, loving husband. I’m also so grateful for true friends and supportive family who are always there when you need them. Big changes in life are always stressful and having these people like you, in our lives really make it more durable. So thank you!

Most of all, I’m grateful for a Father in Heaven who knows me and knows what’s best for me, even when I don’t. Thank goodness for him giving me a way to communicate with him and for the Holy Ghost, so that I know when I’m doing what is right. I’m eternally grateful to him for all that I have, most importantly for this life that I am living. It is my faith in him and knowing that he has faith in me, that helps me through life roughest roads and helps me to appreciate all of his bounteous blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours was wonderful!

Tasha baking.jpg
Tasha was very excited to help Mom make the pies. Her eyes lit up when I asked her if she wanted to help.

Kevin in snow.jpg

Kevin getting used to the idea of snow clothes

throwing snow on Dad1.jpg

Dad getting attacked!

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  1. Mommy

    Love them — the pictures make em smile, as I can feel the joy there. Kevin is not so sure about all those clothes. And Tasha is obviously in her glory!

    You arrre blessed for sure.

    I am soo glad the snowsuit fits Kevin again this year!

    Seeing all that love in your photos is wonderful.

    Big Hugs and kisses for all,

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