Winter Drive to Fulford

Bright and early this morning we headed out to do more sight-seeing. We decided to head up to the Fulford caves south of Eagle. As you can imagine it was quite the winter drive! When we left the house it was only 5 degrees outside. (Needless to say Jack wasn’t too thrilled about being woken up!)

After a couple miles on the dirt road it quickly changed from dirt to packed snow. As we continue the climb up the mountain we soon passed the last tire tracks and started breaking trail down a 4×4 trail. It was beautiful! When we reached the first clearing we unloaded the little ones and bundled them up to play in the snow.

Ammon then had a great idea to create a make-shift shed with a tarp. The kids loved going up and down part of the road!

Here are a few pics we took along the way –


Snowy road

Jack doing what he does best


Tasha & Mommy


Kevin and Mommy


More Sledding!


Snowy Peak Vista

It was a very fun trip! The kids had a blast playing in the snow. Had it gotten warmer than 8 degrees we might have stayed a bit longer. And just think, it is only November! But we can’t complain too much. By the time we returned home for lunch it was already 22 degrees. Nice. 😉


  1. Lauren,
    So much fun. I am glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Your kids are so cute. Haley is just like Tasha when it comes to cooking. She loves to help out. My problem is that I end up with three of them with chairs in the kitchen and flour everywhere. Not entirely fun! Anyhow, you all look great and look like the sweetest family ever. Wish I could come and play in the snow with you. Sometimes I do miss cold weather….sometime! P.S. Keeley and Kayla are potty training and I can’t keep clothes on them for more than five seconds at a time….I have naked girls running around all day long. On Thanksgiving we had people over and of course I couldn’t keep my kids clothes on. Needless to say, our guests had to endure naked girls letting it all hang out most of the day. Funny, but embarassing.
    Happy Holidays,

  2. Thanksgiving looked delicious! The kids look so cute in their winter clothes! When do you guys get to come here? Sounds like you did a great job getting things unpacked. Speedy girl!

  3. Mommy

    When I looked at those two little faces with grins of delight on them, I felt like I was there (as I could hear their squeals in my mind)!

    Those pictures made me smile!

    Mommy (also Grammy with a grin)

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