Sunday Best

The kids got some nice outfits for Christmas from my Dad and they both wore them to church today, although Kevin was a little rumpled by the time we took the picture. He really wanted to be in the photo though. He kept saying, “My turn!”.


I think this has to be my new favorite photo of them together!


Tasha smiling pretty

Future Missionary

When the missionaries for our church choose to go on a mission, they have to save up thousands of dollars themselves for their flight, housing, and of course all the normal things like hygiene stuff, etc. However, the members of the church take care of their dinners, so we get a chance to sign up and have them to dinner if we’d like.

We had the missionaries to dinner about a month ago and they had so much fun with the kids. Kevin thought it was pretty neat that he got to wear one of the Elder’s tie and nametag…though he wasn’t so happy about his picture being taken.


This is what happens when you don’t have a brother!

We went to K-Mart a few weeks ago and the lady at the checkout gave Tasha a pretty tiara, which Tasha wore everywhere we went that day. When we got home however, a new monarchy took over….

Prince Kevin.JPG

Announcing….his highness Prince Kevin!

Tasha also got a purse for Christmas that she thinks is pretty neat. Apparently, Kevin does too!


Words straight from the horses mouth…

The other night Tasha and I were headed to the grocery store and we had a conversation that went like this:

Tasha: Mom, sometimes I have boogies in my nose.
Me: Ya, that happens to everyone sometimes.
Tasha: I use a kleenex.
Me: That’s good.
Tasha: We eat food, Kevin eats his boogies.

A few days ago Tasha said another funny thing that would only be funny to you if you knew how Pro-Macintosh computers we are. Tasha got a Leappad for Christmas (it’s a base that comes with books that you use a special pen and it teaches letters, reading, sounds, plays games, etc). Well, her Leappad was on top of the fridge with another small toy on top of it, taken away because the kids were fighting over it. It’s a day after I took the toy away and Tasha says: “Mommy, can you please get my toy down off my Macbook?” =) The things kids say!!!

Run, Run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me….I’m the gingerbread man!

Saturday was a really fun day. We spent the whole day just playing with the kids and having fun! Ammon made a huge fort for the kids to play in (I included Ammon in “kids”)  that stretched the entire length of our family room. I was busy making gingerbread dough so the kids could decorate their first gingerbread house. I think the kids ate as much candy as they put on the house, but they had a great time doing it.

Fort Final.jpg

Ammon’s creation, pretty impressive, I thought.

Fort .jpg

Kevin n Tasha happily playing in Daddy’s little playhouse

making gingerbread house.jpg

All this candy, how do I choose?

Daddys kids.jpg

The decorators, ready for hire!