Words straight from the horses mouth…

The other night Tasha and I were headed to the grocery store and we had a conversation that went like this:

Tasha: Mom, sometimes I have boogies in my nose.
Me: Ya, that happens to everyone sometimes.
Tasha: I use a kleenex.
Me: That’s good.
Tasha: We eat food, Kevin eats his boogies.

A few days ago Tasha said another funny thing that would only be funny to you if you knew how Pro-Macintosh computers we are. Tasha got a Leappad for Christmas (it’s a base that comes with books that you use a special pen and it teaches letters, reading, sounds, plays games, etc). Well, her Leappad was on top of the fridge with another small toy on top of it, taken away because the kids were fighting over it. It’s a day after I took the toy away and Tasha says: “Mommy, can you please get my toy down off my Macbook?” =) The things kids say!!!

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