Back From The City

We headed down to Denver Friday afternoon to do some maintenance on our rental property. (The 10 year old water heater decided it had done enough work.) Ammon and Lee replaced it while I went shopping with the kids Saturday morning. That night we headed over to the Hillan’s for a yummy dinner!

After dinner Ammon and I went on a date to Fat City and played video games for a couple hours. It was a blast!

Unfortunately living up in the mountains we get a lot of snow. While we were in town it snowed over a foot up in Eagle. Needless to say the drive home wasn’t the greatest. Although there were a couple spots where we could see wet pavement and a few places we could see more than 50 feet in front of us! Aside from those few places, the drive home was slow going. Thank goodness Ammon isn’t too bad of a driver in the snow! Although I think it helped a lot driving our Jeep. 🙂

Here is a picture of our minivan taken a couple minutes ago. I’m not looking forward to cleaning it off!
Jill in the snow

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