More Sledding!!

As planned we headed up to Yeoman Park this morning. After a brief lunch in the back of Jack Ammon headed out to break trail. There was about 4 feet of snow there. It took him about 15 minutes to crawl over to where we decided to sled. (If you stand up you sink down about 3 feet)

He also broke the sled run and a trail to walk back up to the top. While Ammon and I really enjoyed sledding down the hill Kevin was more interested in eating huge chunks of snow and Natasha had a blast throwing herself around. Luckily the kids were light enough that they didn’t sink very far at all.

Enjoy the pics!

Tasha Walking
Natasha working her way through the packed path

Tasha Falling
Natasha almost to the top of the hill!

Kevin eating snow
Kevin eating an early lunch

The Crew
Everyone enjoying the deep snow

The Sled Run
The sled run

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