And then there were 5….

For those who hadn’t heard, we’re expecting baby #3 in July (31st)!! We will officially become a family of 5! Crazy!! We’re very excited and can’t wait to meet our new arrival, although we glad we still have 6 more months for Tasha and Kevin to mature a little too!! 😉 As it stands now, we’re probably not finding out the gender of the baby beforehand, so prepare for a surprise.

I’ve been rather uncomfortable with the un-fun first trimester usuals until the past week. I can now report, that I’m feeling pretty good and my energy is back!

Kevin doesn’t really get what’s going on, but Natasha is very excited and hoping that the baby is a girl. She loves to sit and talk to me about all the things that she’s going to do with (Annika, if it’s a girl) and all the baby things we’re going to need to get.

We’ll keep you posted!
Baby #3


  1. No no no…nothing like that. I just was unsure by the post as to whether it was the name you guys picked out or if that was just what Tasha was calling the baby. I’ve never heard that name before, but it sounds nice. Where did you hear it from?

  2. Dad

    Great name guys! You know me Lauren, I like unusual names that it is difficult to make into a nickname.

  3. Hey Lauren and Elliot! CONGRATULATIONS! I know this is late- but we’ve been technolgically challenged for the past few months. I’m so excited for you! How are you feeling??? I’d love to hear from you! Take care.
    PS- Your kids are ADORABLE! Good job making more! (EWWW gross! jk!)

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