Funday Monday!

Ammon, Tasha and Kevin have had viruses since last week, so the weekend was kind of a drag and Ammon wasn’t his usually cheery self. He had today off since it’s Martin Luther King Day, so we decided to try and plan something fun. We put our heads together and came up with lots of ideas.

First, we ate lunch at Costco and then attempted to watch some planes land at the local airport. Maybe because it was a holiday, we didn’t see any, so we stopped at the airport and looked at the planes instead. Kevin thought that was ok. We also found a great sledding hill in progress too. (we didn’t try it out today though). After that, we came home and spent some quality time with Tasha playing games, etc. Finally, after dinner, we all made cookies together and watched a movie.

Nothing super out of the ordinary, but it just made for a fun family day!!! =)

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