Just being kids

I’ve had some of these photos for about a month and hadn’t gotten around to posting them, so here they are!


Daddy had just taken a shower and was putting on a t-shirt and they asked for Daddy shirts too!


no reason for this photo, just my boy being cute!


Tasha and Kevin came out of their room with their hats on like this and since they rarely actually wear their hats, I thought I’d better take a picture!


I know this is blurry, but I couldn’t resist posting it! Tasha often goes and gets her headbands and puts them on herself. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, but she doesn’t know that! 😉


I laughed for a long time when I caught Tasha “reading” Ammon’s Calvin n Hobbes while doing her business. She won’t be happy with me later in life for this photo, but oh well!


  1. They have so much fun together! I love the picture of Tasha on the toilet! She is going to kill you when she is older! Blackmail! Hope things are going good for you guys! Have a great week!

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