Family Home Evening

Every Monday night, we have family night. We call it “Family Home Evening”. We have a song, prayer, short lesson, game or activity and then a treat. Tasha is starting to ask for family home evening a lot more often than just once a week! Tonight we did a lesson about Temples. The kids really enjoyed seeing our wedding photos which had the Denver Temple in the background. For our activity, we used playdough to make Temples. The kids had a lot of fun. Check out their creations below!


Tasha concentrating on her masterpiece


Tasha pleased with the outcome


The artist at work


The finished Temples. Aren’t they lovely?

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  1. Vanessa

    I think that is too sweet. I am glad that you took pictures so you can have those cute memories forever…especially when they are rebellious and not as cute. You could then pull out the pictures and remind them how much fun they had re-creating the temples out of play-dough

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