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It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday, that Ammon decided we should venture up in the mountains for a picnic and some playtime. At first, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of wearing snowpants and all the snow-garb because it’s been so nice and mild here lately and I was enjoying wearing only a light jacket! Once we got up there and I realized how warm it was outside, I was excited! We set up a tarp and blanket on the snow for our little picnic and sat down to enjoy. It was so warm, I sat on the blanket with only my coat on, no other snow stuff!!

The kids didn’t eat much before they got distracted by the untouched snow. The trick was staying on top of the snow and not sinking in it. It was about 4 feet deep, but fairly hard on top. The kids were fine most of the time, but we had to be careful. If Ammon or I took steps that were too hard or too big, we’d sink in up to our thigh!


This is Jack parked on the side of the road. You can see from this picture how deep the snow is!


Here are the kids after playing, finishing their lunch and basking in the sun


The view from our picnic spot


Here’s Tasha doing some “controlled sledding” (Daddy holding onto the rope and letting the sled slide down the hill and then pulling her back up)


Kevin spent 99% of his time eating the snow. At one point, I asked him if the snow was good and he responded with a hearty “MMMMMMHMMMMMM”!!

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