Playtime at the Park

After enduring weeks of single-digit temperatures, the kids and I have been thrilled with our scorching 30 and 40 degree days! One night after work, we all went to the park and the kids were in paradise playing on all the structures after months of not being able to.


Kevin decided it was the most fun to throw big hunk of snow down this tire tunnel! Watch out below!!!!


Kevin thought it was almost as much fun if we threw big chunks of snow at him below too.


Ammon and I were so bushed after all that playing. We decided to use our chauffeurs to take us home. =)


  1. I can’t believe how adorable your kids are. It looks so freakin cold there! Sorry, but I’ve totally been out of snow for so long that the thought of living there doesn’t look that fun. But I LOVE to visit snow. 🙂 The pictures of you on your snow outing are awsome. You guys are such cute parents. I liked your temple building w/ playdough. I’ll have to try that one out.


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