The Rusty Cannon

This weekend we had what’s called “Stake Conference”. Depending on the area in which you live, each congregation is called a “ward”. A “Stake” includes numerous “wards”. Twice a year, each Stake meets together to hear from the Stake Leaders and some other church members who’ve prepared talks of inspiration. Our conference happened to be an hour away this year and since Ammon had a meeting on Sat and we had another meeting on Sunday, we decided to stay up in the little town where all of this was being held.

We stopped at Target and Walmart on the way to get some things we needed, which was REALLY exciting since our closest Target is 45 min away! We stayed at the high-class “Rusty Cannon Motel” Saturday night. It actually wasn’t too bad, despite it’s name. Our room was pretty big, with two Queen beds and a table. The highlight was their heated pool, which was outdoor, but had a tent overtop of it. It was so humid and misty in the pool that it felt like we were in the tropics! The kids had the best time splashing around for almost an hour.

The kids really thought having cable was the cats meow since we don’t have it here, at home. Every time a commercial came on, Tasha would tell me “we hadn’t seen this one” (meaning she thought it was another show or movie!). I thought it was pretty funny! The really dug “Scooby Doo”!

Jumping on the bed was pretty fun too. This is a taboo activity at home. 😉

Bedtime was a little later than usual, but the kids zonked and slept almost 12 hours!

We had a great weekend and Tasha didn’t want to go home, so I guess the kids enjoyed themselves too! =)


Here’s our snazzy room


Here’s Kevin making himself at home in one of the queen-sized beds.


I tried about 5 times to get a cute picture of both kids in the bed that swamped them. Kevin got in first and asked Tasha to tuck him in (which she did). No matter what I said though, Tasha was NOT smiling for a picture!


  1. Vanessa

    Oh my gosh!! Kevin looks like a “mini-me” version of Ammon in the picture of him by himself in the bed. It is really cute.

  2. Katie Seguritan

    Cute story, love the TV thing. My kids LOVE when they are at a place w/ cable.


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