Easter Dress

So, I’ll post our Easter pictures in a few weeks, but here is a picture of Tasha a few Sundays ago in her easter dress. She LOVES this dress and always asks to wear it. I think partly because she feels pretty in it and partly because she helped pick it out at Costco!



Although, I was taking a picture of Tasha, Kevin insisted on being in at least one of the shots.


Let’s just say this was funny enough that I had to take a picture, but scary enough that he got to go to time out! I found Kevin experimenting in my makeup drawer the other day, and apparently he thinks his eyelashes aren’t longer enough or dark enough….




Annika decided to show up a few months early. Kevin is a great big brother!


April Fools!!! Ok, I know I’m a few weeks late, but I didn’t have anything to post on the actual day. =)


An acquaintance stopped by with her baby and Kevin kept asking to hold the 4 week-old girl. Over and over and over. He was VERY proud of himself. And of course, I thought it was adorable since he’s never shown any interest in holding a baby before. Let’s hope his baby love sticks!

Snow Bunnies

We attended a party for Ammon’s boss over the weekend. It was held at a ski resort about an hour away called “A-Basin”. (As a side note, it was a pretty interesting place, unlike any ski resort I’ve ever been to. There were dogs everywhere, people bbq-ing in the parking lots and lots of crazy (probably drunk) people in 70’s garb on skis. Great place to people watch!) We stayed long enough to eat and play in the snow a bit. The kids had a blast. Kevin really dug the mini-apple juice cans. Just his size!


Tasha really liked all the attention she was getting from people because of her glasses and all her pink (her favorite color, I’m told!)


Kevin loves his sunglasses, especially since big sis has some too!

Kodak Moment…take it while you can get it!

I thought Tasha looked cute the other day (not that she doesn’t everyday!) and tried to get a good picture of her..which didn’t go over well since she’s in that “I hate cameras” stage. I got something else instead, but I think I like it even better!


They may fight like cats and dogs a lot, but these spontaneous hugs happen just often enough to show that they really do love each other!

Baby Belly

Alright, I don’t know about any other Moms out there, but I don’t particularily like my pregnant body, no matter how complimentary people are. However, I realize that I might regret it later in life if I don’t have pictures. So, here ya go. For all who wanted to see the belly. Here it is at 6 months….


Camping, Kid-style!

The other weekend, we decided to try out our camping gear in the family room as a test run to see how the kids would do. We got our beds all set up, Mom and Dad in the middle and the kids on either side. We popped some popcorn and watched a movie and to our delight and surprise, the kids crashed as soon as it was done. We’re taking this to be a good sign that they’ll do ok when we actually go camping “in the wild”!!!


Here’s Tasha enjoying her popcorn and chillin’ in her “bed”


Here’s the big picture.

Boogie Down

Ammon put on some music this morning when we were all in family room and started to dance all silly, for the kids benefit of course (although I found it quite entertaining as well). Tasha exclaimed, “Daddy, you look like a girl!”. At which time, Ammon and I busted up! =)

Then, to make things more interesting and scar our children for life, Ammon came back to the family room in…well….see for yourself!


At the sight of Daddy like this, Tasha said, “OH my gosh!”