Boogie Down

Ammon put on some music this morning when we were all in family room and started to dance all silly, for the kids benefit of course (although I found it quite entertaining as well). Tasha exclaimed, “Daddy, you look like a girl!”. At which time, Ammon and I busted up! =)

Then, to make things more interesting and scar our children for life, Ammon came back to the family room in…well….see for yourself!


At the sight of Daddy like this, Tasha said, “OH my gosh!”


  1. Who is that mystery guy? LOL. Ammon, you never looked better. This reminds me of one particular Christmas where a roommate when to Canada for the holidays and her roommates were naughty and got into her clothes….LOL.

  2. Dena

    Yes, my first reply was the same as Tasha’s, “OH MY GOSH!” Good thing your kids are cute and smart or you’d for sure be giving them a complex for life! Elliot, you big nerd!

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