Baby Belly

Alright, I don’t know about any other Moms out there, but I don’t particularily like my pregnant body, no matter how complimentary people are. However, I realize that I might regret it later in life if I don’t have pictures. So, here ya go. For all who wanted to see the belly. Here it is at 6 months….



  1. Beth

    i never thought you anything but beautiful lauren. i was your room mate afterall, and have you seen at both at your best and worst so i feel qualified to say so. especially love the bathroom backdrop, hehehe. so tell me again, when is your little girl due to arrive?

  2. I have to agree with Beth. You look fantastic! Even when you were pregnant with Kevin I thought you still looked really hot. Maybe someday I’ll understand how you feel…but for now, enjoy it! This one might be your last and someday you’ll be missing being pregnant.

  3. vanessa

    I think you look great and I love the dress too. The only question I have is, why are you dressed in the shower?

  4. Dena

    Hot momma! You look GREAT, even if you may not feel like you do. And you know me- I will not give fake compliments. Sorry, it is one of my faults- honesty. Just wait for the day when someone who is really fat and frumpy asks me how they look- I’ll have to run away!

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