Snow Bunnies

We attended a party for Ammon’s boss over the weekend. It was held at a ski resort about an hour away called “A-Basin”. (As a side note, it was a pretty interesting place, unlike any ski resort I’ve ever been to. There were dogs everywhere, people bbq-ing in the parking lots and lots of crazy (probably drunk) people in 70’s garb on skis. Great place to people watch!) We stayed long enough to eat and play in the snow a bit. The kids had a blast. Kevin really dug the mini-apple juice cans. Just his size!


Tasha really liked all the attention she was getting from people because of her glasses and all her pink (her favorite color, I’m told!)


Kevin loves his sunglasses, especially since big sis has some too!

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  1. vanessa

    i love seeing Kevin drinking from a can. He looks like he is Mr. Cool, just posing for the ladies

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