Annika decided to show up a few months early. Kevin is a great big brother!


April Fools!!! Ok, I know I’m a few weeks late, but I didn’t have anything to post on the actual day. =)


An acquaintance stopped by with her baby and Kevin kept asking to hold the 4 week-old girl. Over and over and over. He was VERY proud of himself. And of course, I thought it was adorable since he’s never shown any interest in holding a baby before. Let’s hope his baby love sticks!


  1. vanessa

    Ok, I didn’t think it was very funny. I was thinking, “oh my gosh! I hope that the baby is all right, well it must be doing all right if Kevin is holding her.” Nice joke though

  2. Melanie

    That’s funny! You almost had me, but I didn’t think you’d be allowed out of the hospital that soon if she was that premature!

    Hope you are feeling well and enjoying the last pregnancy!

  3. Dena

    Yes, you fooled me- but I was confused at how big the baby was. Wow- some of us are so gullable. How are you????

  4. You know what the weird thing is? My eyes are so weird. I didn’t see the baby’s head and kept thinking, “Why is Kevin holding that pillow funny?” I also totally missed your headline, so just kept wondering to myself what in the world was going on in the picture. Then I figured out it was a baby. Hmmm…. interesting. I guess nursery’s starting to make me cross-eyed!

    P.S. Time to post some new stuff. I need to know what you’re up to! Miss you guys!

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