Photobooth Spectacular!!!

For any of you who have Mac’s and have used photobooth, you know what fun it can be! It’s like one of those photobooths that you pay $3.00 for 6 pictures at the mall, except that there are different effects you can use. The kids and I have spent many hours playing around with our photobooth and it’s always a hit! 

Enjoy our….creations! 

As you can see, we usually end up with a case of the giggles when using photobooth!

My fishy face

Aren’t we beautiful?!

Even Snowy gets in on the action!

Tasha and Kevin enjoying themselves



Talk about a double-chin!



Happy Belated Easter!

So, it’s almost two months since Easter, but hey good things take time!!! 😉 We went down to Littleton to spend Easter with Lee, Ellen, Julina and the Narayans and had a wonderful, crazy, busy weekend. Here are the results of our fun!

Here are the cousins all together. Kevin, Ethan, Malika, Jaron and Tasha.

The Manning Family Jr

Papa and the boys

Grandma and the girls!

My brother-in-laws parents and their grandkids

The Narayan kiddies, so photogenic and always willing to pose! Not fair!!! =)

The Mannings and their grandkids, being silly!

Tasha dying eggs with a little help from Papa

The finished eggs. Aren’t they adorable!!!?

Ethan excited after finding all his eggs

Tasha going through her loot-yum!

Lika’s first birthday party

The birthday girl and her presents! What a ham!

You may wonder why I posted a picture of Tasha wearing a belly shirt. I was going though all the baby clothes I needed to bring back for Annika and I told Tasha this shirt used to be hers when she was little (0-3 month size). She insisted she could fit into it….yikes! Almost four years old and she fits into a newborn shirt! I guess we need to feed her more!!!! =)



I hope all the Moms out there had a great day yesterday. Mine was pretty special. Ammon got me some beautiful flowers, made me breakfast and lunch and did a great job taking care of the kids. 

I did have some extra-special presents too, mostly from Kevin. He drew all over our walls and window sills with orange highlighter while we were getting ready for church, peed on my skirt at church and pooped whenever possible! Isn’t he sweet? 😉 

Mother’s Day had an adventurous twist that I hadn’t expected… we went on a drive in the mountains and hit a patch of snow. We ended up getting stuck and after two hours of exhausting labor, Ammon got us out! Thank goodness the kids were happy playing inside the jeep while Ammon worked. We weren’t much help since the kids and I were wearing sandals and Tasha and I had bare legs….we all slept well last night! 

Here’s a big belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Moms who have touched my life in someway and inspired me to be a better Mom myself!!!! 

First Camp-out of 2008

After canceling our first campout of the season last weekend, we decided to go this weekend, NO MATTER WHAT! So, despite the weather forecast of intermittent showers in the evening, we packed up and away we went. Off to Deep Creek Campground! The kids could barely contain their excitement and as soon as we got out of the car, were off exploring. They were fascinated by the pine-cones and rocks and the fast-rushing river. 

Ammon set up the tent, while I prepared dinner. We walked off our dinner and then much to our little ones delight, sat down to enjoy smores and roasted marshmallows. Kevin thought it was fun to pick his marshmallows apart, leaving sticky, strings of gooey-goodness all over his clothes, face and hands. What a boy! 

The kids, thankfully, slept like rocks all night, even through the off-again, on-again rain showers which thundered on the tent. Ammon and I slept a little less well, thanks to pjs and blankets that weren’t exactly fitting for the chilly weather. 😉 

This morning, Daddy cooked the pancakes and hot chocolate! Yum! Mommy sat listened to the rushing river water and the birds and enjoyed the very welcome sunshine. The kids would have been content to play all day, digging in the dirt, but we decided to head home and call it a day. 

All in all, a good first camping trip of the season. Hopefully next time, it will be a little warmer!! 

Here’s our little daredevil, who could not and would not stay away from the fire! If we’d had a strait-jacket, we woulda used it!!!

Having fun exploring


The gang enjoying some sloppy joes-mmmmm….


The fire ranger himself! =)

Mark your calendars!

The hospital is scheduled, the bag is being packed and we’re…..well, not really ready yet. But that’s ok. We still have a few months to go. =) However, the official birth-date for our Annika Nalani Manning is Monday, July 28th at 7:30 am. Of course, this is assuming she sticks to the plan…

Howdy, Doody!

Miracles do happen! After months of peeing in the potty upon request (most times), Kevin finally did a poop!!!!! I whooped so loud, I think our neighbors upstairs probably heard me! =) I’m not expecting this to become a habit right away, but at least it’s a sign of progress….

Freezer Meals

Ok people, I need some good ideas for cheap, easy freezer meals to stock up on. I’m talking homemade, not bought. I’ll probably do a lasagna and a stew or chili…Any other yummy ideas? Please post them in the comments!


Well, I guess it’s official! Our kids have inherited my goofy-face abilities!!! Last night, the kids were playing happily with their cars, so Ammon and I thought it would be a good time to play a game of  “Phase 10” (just the two of us). The kids eventually were intrigued by what we were doing and sat at the table with us. At first, they wanted to help us play the game (they got to roll some dice), but gradually they got sillier and sillier and had Ammon and I in stitches as we watched the goofy faces emerge. Enjoy! 

Kevin’s squishy face


Tasha’s monster face! 

Walking in a warm wonderland

I sold my double stroller before we moved last year because most of the time, the kids wanted to walk, or Tasha would push Kevin in the umbrella stroller. It had served us well for a few years and the best part was that I got exactly what I paid for it! 

My plan was to upgrade to a sit n stand, a stroller that allows one kid to sit in the front seat like normal, and one to stand on the platform at the back, or sit on the bench facing me. We finally got it about two weeks ago and I’m happy to say that the kids think it’s great. I give them each a turn to sit in front and in back and apparently, it’s a lot of fun! 

We’ve taken advantage of the intermittent spring-like days to get some fresh air and sunshine. The longer we’re here, the more beautiful it is. Not only are we in a valley, surrounded by mountains, but we have a winding river that has a walking path right beside it and lots of parks and tons of wildlife. It’s a wonderland for adults and kids alike!