6 Years and counting….

About a week ago, Ammon and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. He asks me how I’ve put up with him this long! We’ve both been hard to live with at times, I’m sure, but getting through those times has only made our love stronger. I know that what they say is true that love grows with time because I definately love Ammon more than when we got married. =) 

To celebrate, we had someone watch the kids for a few hours (our first time by ourselves since we’ve moved here) and we went on a drive in the mountains to check out some possible camp sites. Afterwards, we went to our favorite Chinese food restaurant. I say favorite, but there’s only two to choose from in at least a 20 mile radius!!! It is really good though. We had great food, lots of good belly laughs and enjoyed our time immensely. 

Onto another year….

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  1. vanessa

    Wow! Six years already? How the time flies. I still remember when you and I went out to go for a jog in the morning in Hawaii and there was Ammon sitting, waiting for you at the bus stop.

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