Walking in a warm wonderland

I sold my double stroller before we moved last year because most of the time, the kids wanted to walk, or Tasha would push Kevin in the umbrella stroller. It had served us well for a few years and the best part was that I got exactly what I paid for it! 

My plan was to upgrade to a sit n stand, a stroller that allows one kid to sit in the front seat like normal, and one to stand on the platform at the back, or sit on the bench facing me. We finally got it about two weeks ago and I’m happy to say that the kids think it’s great. I give them each a turn to sit in front and in back and apparently, it’s a lot of fun! 

We’ve taken advantage of the intermittent spring-like days to get some fresh air and sunshine. The longer we’re here, the more beautiful it is. Not only are we in a valley, surrounded by mountains, but we have a winding river that has a walking path right beside it and lots of parks and tons of wildlife. It’s a wonderland for adults and kids alike!

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