Freezer Meals

Ok people, I need some good ideas for cheap, easy freezer meals to stock up on. I’m talking homemade, not bought. I’ll probably do a lasagna and a stew or chili…Any other yummy ideas? Please post them in the comments!


  1. Beth

    hmmm…. good question. first thing that came to mind was back in the day at the chambers when i used to make my “food for the week” and by the end of the week was so sick of eating whatever it was… anyways, i have no freezer space where i am now, so i haven’t been doing that sort of thing much, but one that did come to mind was more along the lines of partially done meals. like cooking up the meat or some other commonly used ingredients that you can easily throw into a pasta sauce or something like that. or maybe because i am hungry for it right now… buscuits and gravy, but you would just pop open a can of pillsbury when you were ready to eat it. that kind of thing… if that made any sense at all…

  2. Beth

    hey… just found out about something that be helpful in inspiring ideas anyways…

    it might be pricy to do it for real, but you might be able to get some ideas from it anyways. basically what you do is you go to this place, and you put together all the ingredients for a meal, all pre-measured etc and then pull it out of the freezer and cook it. my friend who is moving gave me a couple this week and they were fantastic, and easy! check it out

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