First Camp-out of 2008

After canceling our first campout of the season last weekend, we decided to go this weekend, NO MATTER WHAT! So, despite the weather forecast of intermittent showers in the evening, we packed up and away we went. Off to Deep Creek Campground! The kids could barely contain their excitement and as soon as we got out of the car, were off exploring. They were fascinated by the pine-cones and rocks and the fast-rushing river. 

Ammon set up the tent, while I prepared dinner. We walked off our dinner and then much to our little ones delight, sat down to enjoy smores and roasted marshmallows. Kevin thought it was fun to pick his marshmallows apart, leaving sticky, strings of gooey-goodness all over his clothes, face and hands. What a boy! 

The kids, thankfully, slept like rocks all night, even through the off-again, on-again rain showers which thundered on the tent. Ammon and I slept a little less well, thanks to pjs and blankets that weren’t exactly fitting for the chilly weather. 😉 

This morning, Daddy cooked the pancakes and hot chocolate! Yum! Mommy sat listened to the rushing river water and the birds and enjoyed the very welcome sunshine. The kids would have been content to play all day, digging in the dirt, but we decided to head home and call it a day. 

All in all, a good first camping trip of the season. Hopefully next time, it will be a little warmer!! 

Here’s our little daredevil, who could not and would not stay away from the fire! If we’d had a strait-jacket, we woulda used it!!!

Having fun exploring


The gang enjoying some sloppy joes-mmmmm….


The fire ranger himself! =)

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  1. Vanessa

    Looks like SO much fun! I can’t wait for my family to go camping. Your pictures make me want to go

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