Happy Belated Easter!

So, it’s almost two months since Easter, but hey good things take time!!! 😉 We went down to Littleton to spend Easter with Lee, Ellen, Julina and the Narayans and had a wonderful, crazy, busy weekend. Here are the results of our fun!

Here are the cousins all together. Kevin, Ethan, Malika, Jaron and Tasha.

The Manning Family Jr

Papa and the boys

Grandma and the girls!

My brother-in-laws parents and their grandkids

The Narayan kiddies, so photogenic and always willing to pose! Not fair!!! =)

The Mannings and their grandkids, being silly!

Tasha dying eggs with a little help from Papa

The finished eggs. Aren’t they adorable!!!?

Ethan excited after finding all his eggs

Tasha going through her loot-yum!

Lika’s first birthday party

The birthday girl and her presents! What a ham!

You may wonder why I posted a picture of Tasha wearing a belly shirt. I was going though all the baby clothes I needed to bring back for Annika and I told Tasha this shirt used to be hers when she was little (0-3 month size). She insisted she could fit into it….yikes! Almost four years old and she fits into a newborn shirt! I guess we need to feed her more!!!! =)


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  1. Cortney

    lauren…your kids are so adorable. I love Tasha’s smile. You guys always do so many fun things. I am envious. I would love to go camping…mainland camping I mean. You look beautiful. I can’t wait to see the new baby girl. I totally miss you. Glad I can at least check in on your growing family from time to time. Have a fantastic summer. Much love and alohas,

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