Photobooth Spectacular!!!

For any of you who have Mac’s and have used photobooth, you know what fun it can be! It’s like one of those photobooths that you pay $3.00 for 6 pictures at the mall, except that there are different effects you can use. The kids and I have spent many hours playing around with our photobooth and it’s always a hit! 

Enjoy our….creations! 

As you can see, we usually end up with a case of the giggles when using photobooth!

My fishy face

Aren’t we beautiful?!

Even Snowy gets in on the action!

Tasha and Kevin enjoying themselves



Talk about a double-chin!




  1. melissa

    That is so funny! I must have had the wrong address for you because every time I used to try to look at your blog it said it was unavailable. I’m glat that I can check again now. I love your family picture at Easter. It was so fun to see you guys al little bit last week.

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