Horse’n Around

While Amy was here, there was a horse expo going on at the fairgrounds. I wanted to take the kids over to check it out. We got there and found out they wanted to charge $12/adult….not happenin! I tried going through another gate and the dude there said we could stay for a few min, since I explained that the kids just wanted to see the horses. 

The kids stood on the fence of an outdoor arena and watched some cowboys warming up their horses. Tasha asked me if she could pet the horse, so I asked a rider and they obliged. Then a few minutes later, Cowboy Bob pulled his horse up right to where we were. I think it startled Tasha who promptly got off the fence! He let the kids pet his mule and then to my great delight and astonishment, rode out of the ring and asked if Kevin wanted to get on the mule with him. 

I really don’t know what this guy’s name was, but I thought it was sweet that he let the kids sit on his mule.

Tasha’s turn. She wasn’t excited at all! 😉

I thought this was a cute picture even though we don’t know the guy!

I don’t know who was more excited that they got their first horsey experience, me or the kids! I’ve been wanting to find a place to take the kids for their first “ride” but since Annika came on the scene, that idea has been postponed. So this was a great start! 

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