One of those moments you want to pause

The kids drove me crazy (ok, mainly Kevin) all of last week until Amy got here and actually are currently driving me nuts as I write this….But then you have one of “those” moments…you know the ones. The ones that make you realize why you wanted to be a parent in the first place. The ONLY ones you hope you remember about your kids 20 years from now, instead of the ones where one of them is writing all over the walls, or playing in the toilet or impaling themselves with your mascara wand.

We read a story to the kids every night, followed by a prayer and then bed. Last night, Tasha decided that she wanted to read the book to Kevin. Ammon and I happily sat and watched, both being tired out. We’ve read this particular book so many times that although Tasha can’t read a word of it, she recited the whole thing to Kevin, almost verbatim. When she couldn’t think of exactly how the story went, she paraphrased. She held the book for Kevin to see the pictures and Kevin eagerly added his two cents to the story and well….it was a sweet, sweet moment for Ammon and I. They may fight like cats and dogs a lot, but they’re also best buddies and growing up so quickly!!!! 

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