He said it!

We had a really fun evening tonight, probably because we spent it together as a family doing fun, random things. After chasing the kids around, we went outside and blew bubbles for them which they tried to pop. We noticed a neighbor on their patio and asked if their dog “Ed”, could come out and play too. He did come and play and run with Tasha and Kevin and they thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! 

It seemed like a good night for a drive, so we took a drive up in the mountains and explored a road we’d never been on. We saw lots of horses and cows and a beautiful rushing river. Nothing like it. 

We ended our fun by stopping at the park to play. For any who didn’t know, Tasha is a great climber. She’s always been that way. Just really confident and has no fear, but she’s still careful (thank goodness!). So, she’s climbing up these metal bars to the top of the play structure and of course, Kevin wants to do it too. Kevin has great balance, but is not really a climber per say. Daddy kept a close eye on him and helped him up these bars quite a few times. Kevin was very pleased with himself every time he got to the top exclaiming, “Did it!”. One time he did it, I was cheering him and he suggested that I do it. I told him no, but he insisted and I told him I couldn’t right now…..and he says…..

“Mommy too big?” HA! Nice kid!!! It’s a good thing I didn’t take it personally! 😉 

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  1. Nanda

    Hi Lauren!
    How fun that you found my blog! It’s been so long since the bus stop house days! I always wondered where everyone ended up! Your kiddos are super cute!

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