Camping in Eden

We had the BEST time camping this weekend! The aspen trees are finally all green and lush up in the mountains and we found the most incredible spot. It was a grassy surrounded by the tallest, greenest aspens. Someone had built a fire ring in the middle of the meadow and had hung a swing between two trees. It was so picturesque and although the pictures we took are pretty, they do NOT do it justice. 

Here’s our campsite all set up

The official tent-putter-upper

Tasha was excited to help Daddy put up the tent

Proud girl!

The cool swing. There is nothing like swinging under the trees with mountains all around you!

Kevin’s turn

Tasha’s turn

Ammon had to shovel some of the ashes out of the fire ring before starting our fire. Kevin wants to be just like his Daddy. He had a ton of fun with this shovel!

The kids were pretty thrilled when we said they could eat chips right out of the bag!

I LOVE this picture! The kids were waiting so patiently while Ammon was getting them marshmallows.

Poor Ammon was getting smoke in the face in this shot, but Tasha was really hamming it up for me.

I don’t know if you can tell in, but Tasha had marshmallow ALL over her face! 

There was just a sliver of a moon last night and I thought it looked really cool. Even cooler were the spectacular stars, planets and who knows else when I went outside in the middle of the night (nature calls!). I have never EVER seen a starry sky like the one there. We were only 15 miles from home, but there was no one around and once the moon set, it was like a planetarium.

Daddy making breakfast…well, hot chocolate!

Morning Kevin! Good morning indeedy…Mr. 5 am!

This is part of the view from our campsite

Ammon really liked the way Jack looked nestled against the aspens, so I took a picture just for him!

Daddy and his pals

Tasha was actually in time-out in this picture, but I thought she looked so sweet sitting amongst the flowers, picking them.

We can’t wait to do it all again next weekend!!!!!1



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  1. Kylene Cardon

    How fun! We’re soooo jealous. We can’t wait to go on camping trips like that. Sigh. 2 more months until the move!

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